Advice on Cheap Las Vegas Hotels


The best way to find a cheap Las Vegas hotel boils down to three different variables: when you go, where you choose to stay, and how you buy your reservations.  With the right research, you can provide yourself with an incredibly extravagant and luxurious stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world at a fraction of the cost that many people will pay.  There are over 124,000 hotel rooms in the city of Las Vegas, and with the right information, you can easily find one in the right price range for your budget.


The first aspect to consider when planning your trip to Las Vegas is when you would like to go.  If you choose to travel sometime between Sunday and Thursday, your hotel room will be significantly less expensive than if you book during the weekend nights.  Also, the time of year that you choose to travel in will greatly influence how inexpensive your room is.  The summer is the off season for Las Vegas as the heat is so intense in Nevada.  As a result, if you are willing to travel there during the summer, you can find many deals that you would be unable to come across during other times of the year.


The location of your hotel will be the second greatest factor in overall price.  The further that you get from the center of the strip, as a rule, the less expensive the hotel will be.  There are some exceptions to that like the huge casino complexes that have arisen such as the Hard Rock Casino or the Palms, but overall you can rely on that.  One part of town that is particularly charming while less expensive is the Fremont Street area.  Downtown, as it is also called, is just a few miles north of the airport and houses some of the oldest casinos in the city.  Between the Golden Nugget, and Binionís Horseshoe among others, you will easily be able to find a unique experience at a fraction of the cost of the strip.  Then as you travel even further, you hit Samís Town and Arizona Charlies, which are also great hotels and casinos.  There is a shuttle that travels between downtown and the Strip to bring you to visit if you choose not stay there as well.  Most of the other hotels off of the strip also offer free transportation to the strip as they recognize the allure of visiting if you are choosing not to stay there.




While the details of your trip will always affect the price, when it comes to Las Vegas hotel promotions are also very important to saving money on your trip.  As there are so many hotels in the city vying for the same tourists, each one runs promotions to try to stand out from the crowd.  Often, there will be full round trip packages that you can buy on some of the travel websites that can save you hundreds on your trip. 


Another good thing to try is contacting the hotel directly.  Especially if you are trying to plan a last minute trip, a phone call to the hotel will not only get you information on any promotions they are running but it will also put you in a position to learn about any last minute cancellations that may provide inexpensive reservation opportunities. 


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