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Gambling Tips:


Mathematics show that it is impossible to win at a long term on a pure random

casino game. I mean that a player can win many chips at one time but will lose

more than that a next day.

Many gambling tips methods are sold around the world, based on biased gambling wheels(does it exist any

more ?), progressions (that give the illusion to resist to the zero or doublezero)...

It is fool to bet on them. One way to explore is the ability to predict

a trend in a short term and play on it. The aim of this gambling tip is to win the edge on flat bets.

If this aim is complete, it is then a good choice to use a money management

system-earnings come quicker.

In this article, I would share a way that I tried with other gamblers. It is a

small application of the chaos theory. I'd like to discuss with people who tried

to use this theory for gambling games. To the others, I'd like to receive any

useful comment on this method.

The method:

Warning : before going to the casino At the actual step, this method is boring

in casinos.

The fact is that the player has to wait a while for the moment to play. An

accurate way of playing could be easy to write by playing several single bets at

the same time. It is not a real problem now. For the moment, try to simulate the

gambling method on a computer and apply it to real wheels number sequences. I would

apologize for the casual player that used to try methods like martingale,

Labouchere or d'Alembert. This method will seem too difficult and annoying. But

if it's a way to win, I'd like to check it with accurate gambling tips researchers.

Endly, I'd like to specify that these tips are FREE. I am not sure that the next

in great preparation will be free as well, so help me develop this one first !

Now let's go !


1) How to follow the roulette wheel #1

The method is based on single bets : EVEN/ODD for instance. Wheel is studied

into 6-hits events.

Example of a 6-hits:


19 ODD

23 ODD



35 ODD

After a 6-hits, the player counts how many ODD, EVEN and ZERO he noticed.

In the previous example :




RULE 1 :

IF ODD >EVEN THEN SELECT EVEN for the following

IF EVEN >ODD THEN SELECT ODD for the following


2) How to follow the wheel #2

The player has to follow another 6-hits.

He IMAGINES playing the bet he selected at #1. Here members to play only 1 chip

(flat) betting.

He cumulates the result (win or lose result) to a global result.On French

roulette, share the bet with the casino if ZERO

Example :

The player selected EVEN.

The wheel is, for the next 6-hits :


21 ODD -1

14 EVEN +1

2 EVEN +1

0 ZERO -1 , -0,5 on a French Roulette

29 ODD -1

29 ODD -1

The result is -2 (-1,5 on a F.R.). The global result is -2 for the moment. At a

next step, if the result is -1, the global result will be-3.

3) The mathematic losing level (MLL)

I know introduce a reference value : the mathematic losing level. Due to the zero

(or double-zero, please adjust the calculations), there's a losing edge for the

player :

American roulette : -5.4% edge

One zero roulette : -2.7% edge

French Roulette : -1.35% edge

What does it mean ?

Without the zero, if someone plays 100,000 times, there's a quite well balanced

gambling result (winning 0 chips) considering of course a standard deviation. With the

zero, the probability is to lose (100,000 *-1.35%)=-1350 chips. To determine the

MLL, calculate (Number of hits *probability of the edge). Keep an rounded number

after the calculation.

RULE 2 :

The player must compare his global result to the + mathematic losing level (MLL)


BE CAREFUL ! The player has to count the number ofhits that occured only on the

second 6-hits step. Only hits that influenced the global result have to be

counted. The first 6-hits is noting.



19 ODD

23 ODD



35 ODD


21 ODD -1

14 EVEN +1

2 EVEN +1

0 ZERO -1 , -0,5 on French Roulette

29 ODD -1

29 ODD -1

The result is -2 (-1,5 on F.R.). The global result is -2 for the moment. The

number of hits played is 6.

4) The gambling tips playing "area" : when to get ready to play The first condition to begin a

real play is that the global result is over the MLL.

RULE 3 :

The global result must be 10+ OVER the MLL When the player is in this area, he

has to be careful.He continues to follow the two 6-hits. If he is below, he

won't play any hit on the wheel

If he notices a continuous increase of his global result of 6 points or more,

then the attack begins.

Example :

The initial global result is +5. The MLL is -7.The difference between the global

result and the MLL is 12(RULE 3).

In a row of 3 "two 6-hits", the global result increases by :

First "two 6-hits" : +3

Second "two 6-hits" : +0 (EVEN = ODD, RULE 1)

Third "two 6-hits" : +4

RULE 4 :

A continuous increase of 6+ of the global result

is the beginning of an attack

Special gambling tips case :

If the global result increases of less than 6 then decrease, the player must

ignore the increase. He will then wait for a next increase of 6 points.

Example :

The initial global result is +5. The difference between the global result and

the MLL stays above +10

Example :

First "two 6-hits" : +3

Second "two 6-hits" : +2 (EVEN = ODD, RULE 1)

Third "two 6-hits" : -1

The increase is stopped at + 5 then there's a loss.

The global result is then +9.

The player keeps waiting for a +6 increase above the actual global result.

Example :

(First "two 6-hits" : +3 )

(Second "two 6-hits" : +2 (EVEN = ODD, RULE 1) )

(Third "two 6-hits" : -1 )

The global result is +9.

Fourth "two 6-hits" : +5

Fifth "two 6-hits" : +3

The global result is +17.The increase is +8.

5) How to attack the roulette gambling wheel ? The player must bet for a DECREASE of the global

result, by following the "two 6-hits" way of playing.

RULE 5 :

+ 1 Wait for one 6-hits.

+ 2 IF ODD > EVEN THEN SELECT ODD for the following

+ 3 IF EVEN > ODD THEN SELECT EVEN for the following

+ 4 IF EVEN = ODD THEN wait for a new 6-hits

+ 5 Play one 6-hits on the selected bet.

+ 6 Follow steps 1 to 5 until you win

Tips: After a win, the player has to set the global result and the MLL to 0. He can

immediately begin another game.  This method does not seem to need a gambling stop loss.

After a very long testing of more than 120,000 hits PLAYED, I followed 300

roulette games, won all of them with a winning mean of + 2 chips and had to use less than

50chips of capital.

6) Technical & general FAQ on this method (translated from French)

Q : From time to time, I can wait for more than 1,000

hits without finding a positive difference of +10

between the global result and the MLL ?

A : If the global result is more than -10 under the

MLL, stop this game and set the two indicators to 0.

Q : It is often a long time before I can play a game; is it possible to play

more frequently ?

A : I did not think very deeply about this real

problem. I know that some methods exist and talk about

"multiplying game events". On every basic way of

playing is to follow the 3 single bets at the same


Q : You told about "money management", what about this?

A : Money management is very interesting when a flat bet method is a winning

one. The player increases his bets depending of the level of his past winning

games. This gambling tips subject is often developed in methods you can find on the net. At

the moment, I am preparing an other gambling method for roulette and don't have time to

remix money management papers I already found.


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